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Since 2002

Surgical Associates Melbourne

Tom Sweeney and Malcolm Wiley have been providing expert gastrointestinal surgical care in the North East of Melbourne since 2002.   Tom and Malcolm took over the practice of the late Mr Anthony Reid.  Continuing the theme of detailed and personalised care, Tom and Malcolm brought the addition of expert subspecialisation in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and Colorectal Surgery as well as continuing to provide care for General Surgical issues.  In 2019 Vikram Balakrishnan, and 2022 David Liu, joined Surgical Associates Melbourne. Both highly trained surgeons further enhance our ability to provide expert Colorectal and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical care to our growing patient group..

Practicing from Northpark Hospital, Malcolm, Tom and Vikram are well supported by our staff  Kelly, Menka and Nicole.  All three of our staff have now more than 10 years service working in our practice.  Their experience and care helps our surgeons to provide the best possible care by guiding patients through the complexities of our Australian medical system.

Surgical Associates Melbourne has a dedicated team of surgeons and staff who strive to provide the best possible gastro-intestinal and general surgical care.   Our combination of surgeons with different sub-specialisations allows us to collaborate and help patients with complex abdominal and gastrointestinal issues.

Please phone our staff for an appointment and please note that a referral from your GP or another specialist will be required.